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Analepsis is a dance and circus performance, a retrospective scene that presents a history of action and reaction between the body and the object, subjecting the body to acrobatic and tightrope experiences directed by the object. Body and object are the main axis of a piece that acts in both directions, going from the body to the object, and the object to the body. Curiosity, distrust and manipulation are the elements used to connect several moments of the discourse and transfer the action to the past. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 03/03/2017 / Available

Original idea, interpretation and choreography

Paula Quintas

Assistant director

Victoria P. Miranda

Production Assistant

Pistacatro Productora de Soños S.L

Costume assistant

Paula Quintas


Alva Noto and Olafur Arnalds


Pablo Vargas Unfried, Miguel Gómez, Cristian Rodríguez and Francisco Ares


Manu Lago


Solodos En Danza

Paula Quintas- Cía TrasPediante

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