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‘X Anniversary of the Anabel Veloso Dance Company: courageous, brave and natural’

“Anabel Veloso’s prolific artistic portfolio reflects the courageous nature of those who feel flamenco is a force, a creative necessity and almost a clear sign of a cultural demand. Her long  career has shown, since its celebrated beginnings with Nacidos del mar to today’s lively trajectory through foreign lands, that the energy of youth can be as mature and responsible as the minds of those who possess it. Five years have been enough to bring maturity to the artistic content of this young creator and flamenco bailaora. Time and age cease to be of consequence in the face of such ambition and such an amazing need to create. A beautiful, admirable ambition pauses before getting on stage, a need to tell stories and reveal aesthetic and choreographed worlds laden with new resources for flamenco, which take shape naturally when heard, but without losing sight of their intrinsic light. What’s more, Anabel Veloso does more than dance and choreograph movement phrases, because she believes that shows should be much more, that they need to tell, teach and help people to love the stage and dance. To watch her work is to understand that her mind, vision and body are bubbling over, ready to devote themselves entirely to culture and dance. She can do this because she is courageous and because she has a gift, the gift of being fearless because she gives herself up naturally to what she loves above all else”.

Nerea Aguilar
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