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#am@r #am@r (#l@ve) is a show of Spanish Dance and Video Dance talking about love and loneliness through new technologies. Esther and Javier are two lifelong friends that communicate to each other through telephone chat. He has just broken up with his girlfriend and she has no relationship for a long time. Without telling to each other, they decide to register under a false name in eDarling with the aim of finding their ideal partner there. This circumstance gives rise to a series of tangles, where what the characters live in the real world has nothing to do with what they share in the virtual world. After the success obtained with the piece Tú (You), a play about the dream love and which premiered in June 2013 at the Auditorium of Huesca, the company Rajatabla Danza decided to continue investigating around the same theme, but this time from a different perspective. Esther Tablas and Javier Sánchez have made a thorough study about love and the role that new technologies play in terms of human relations, and more particularly from the perspective of relationships. New technologies have changed the way we communicate. On the one hand, they approach us to people who are far away, but on the other hand, they often isolate us from those who are closest. New technologies as communication platforms are reflected not only in the plot of the play, but also in its staging. Live and video dance are combined on stage with a pixelated screen as a metaphor. #am@r (#l@ve) is a beautiful work of Spanish dance that aims to bring the choreographic language to the audience through a current theme, in which the public will feel perfectly identified with the characters and the situations they live. #am@r (#l@ve) is a proposal for all audiences. It is a show that combines the contemporary language of Spanish dance, on an emotional journey that leads the audience from the joy of folklore to the emotion of flamenco, with scenes of great theatricality and drama, all to the rhythm of sounds and melodies of mobile phones.   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 29/11/2014 / Available

Original idea and choreography
Esther Tablas y Javier Sánchez

Esther Tablas y Javier Sánchez

Video dance performers
Nazareth Martínez y Remei Domingo Azagra

Choreographic assistant and cover dancer
Nazareth Martínez

Interpretation consultant
Juan Carlos Mestre

Text and sound
Javier Ibarz

Voice over
Natalia Jara y Víctor Benedé

Costume and set design
Mónica Teijeiro

Wardrobe making
Isabel López y Carmen Granel

Lighting desing
Olga García A.A.I.

Video dance direction
Juan González

Chiqui Carabante

Sergio Muñoz Cano

Sound and Audiovisual
Antonio C. Guijosa


Production and distribution
Inés Gutiérrez Arciniega (impulsARTS)