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Amarás sobre todas las cosas CAMILLE HANSON

AMARÁS SOBRE TODAS LAS COSAS (You shall love me above all things) is an experimental feature-length film joining contemporary cinema and dance. The film transmits experiences and raises questions about our relationship with love. Premiere Spain: 2015 Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 02/03/2015 / Available

Direction: Chema de la Peña
Screenplay : Juan Manuel Romero Garriz, Chema de la Peña
Choreography: Camille Hanson
Actors / Dancers: Eva Boucherite, Oscar Lozano, Lidia Navarro, Israel Elejalde
Music: Arbol 
(Miguel Marín)
Formato: Digital
Genre: Drama
Duration : 108 minutos
Production: La Voz Que Yo Amo
Supported by Centro Danza Canal, Madrid