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Alicia Soto – Hojarasca

Alicia Soto-Hojarasca is a dance and contemporary creation Company, with a large path since 1994.


The Company has premiered over 30 shows of dance-theatre, multimedia-dance and Street performance of medium and large format.

Some of the Company’s shows were nominated for the MAX Prizes, National Prizes for Scenic Arts, of SGAE.


The Company is formed by multidisciplinary artists, where each production is a gathering place for research with important national and international artistic collaborations.

Critics highlight the innovation and originality of the creations, distant from the dominant streams.


Prestigious national festivals have been collaborators and producers of the Company’ shows, such as:

  • V Festival Internacional de Salamanca, FACYL, Salamanca
  • Festival IDN, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona
  • Festival Internacional de calle TAC, Valladolid
  • Feria Umore Azoka, Vizcaya


Regarding artistic residences and co-productions, the Company has an important experience at a national and international level, with:

  • Teatro Taggeles, Berlín,
  • TUT Teatro Universitario de Lisboa
  • Fiar, Centro de Creação para Rua, Palmela, Portugal
  • Mercat de las Flors, Barcelona,
  • Teatro Calderón de Valladolid
  • Lava, Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid.


The Company has performed in Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Portugal, Egypt, amongst other. It is a constant presence in the most important Exhibitions and Festivals programs of Spain.


The Company is supported by the INAEM – Instituto nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música, Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes, and Fundación Siglo para las Artes de la Consejería de Cultura of the Junta de Castilla-León


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