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Alice – inspired by Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland, is a show which dedicated to the importance and capacity of our own imagination: centring on the creative power of play and and how we can create a complex world with simple objects we find about us the show uses four dancers and a suitcase full of objects to spin a fantastic universe filled with dance. The performance is accompanied by a teachers education pack with information about the show, the creation process, suggested parallel activities as well as interviews with the artistic team and web reference Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 29/09/2014 / Available

Choreography: Thomas Noone
Choreographic Assitant: Nuria Martinez
Dancers: Javier G.Arozena, Alba Barral, Jerónimo Forteza, Karolina Szymura
Music: Jim Pinchen
Light: Enric Alarcón
Pictures: Manu Lozano
Atrezzo: El Trastero
Duration: 45 minutes

Una producción de Thomas Noone Dance, el SAT! Teatre de Barcelona y el Festival Terrassa Noves Tendències TNT / CAET.