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With both abstraction and repetition as tools of creation, the dancer and choreographer Juan Carlos Lerida converges to the foundations of playing the flamenco-guitar by using its musical standards as a reference. To expand into the origings of dance and play he not only disintegrates (fragments? dissolves?) the flamenco-dance into its elements, but guitar itself. Four tableaus act as frames of his new work, in which Juan Carlos Lérida shows habits and customs acting as clues to help discovering the unknown. He shows facets of being – such as love, solitude, duality and death. Four tableaus, four instants of life. JULIA PETSCHINKA

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 10/08/2010 / Available

Dirección e interpretación/ Directer and Performance: Juan Carlos Lérida
Asistente de dirección/ Directer Asistant: David Montero
Guitarristas/ Guitarrist: Raúl Cantizano/Jose Luís Rodríguez, Marta Robles
Escenografía/ Set Desing: Antonio Godoy
Iluminación/Light Design: Marc Lleixa
Producción/Production: Danilo Pioli /
Fotografías/Photos: Jose Palomo
Estrenado/Premiere: Off Theater. Viena (Austria) en 2010