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In the beginning there was Chaos. From it Erebo the Dark, and Nyx the black night were born. Pushed by Eros, Nyx in a loving encounter with her brother Érebo gave birth to Ether and Hemera (the day). Thus out of darkness light was born. Ether purer and brighter than air inhabited above the sky where the winds blow underneath the heavens. In this way, due to her proximity to the Sun god, Ether is the symbol of luminosity and brightness. The REA company dances in this new vertical dance show, gives birth to this new aerial production, taking Ether as a starting point, as an element of inspiration and dwelling place for the movement of five dancers and two live musicians with original music created expressly for the play. Dance and Music sharing space far from the ground, rising above the facade of the Cervantes Theater will transport us to the origins of thought and myth.   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 05/10/2020 / Available

Idea, coreografia y direccion Jupa y Diego Arias.
Música original Luz Prado y Juan Baca.
Dirección técnica Eladio Cano.
Vestuario Norma García.
Escenografía Juan Arias.
Diseño de luces Eladio Cano.
Producción REA producciones.

Mercedes Ángel, Esther Medina, Nacho Fortes, Jupa Arias y Diego Arias.

Música en directo
Viii Funem
Luz Prado_ Violín y electrónica
Juan Baca_ Contrabajo y electrónica