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Adama is a telluric dance that emerges from the depths of earth and convoluted roots. Of wild nature. Of trees separated on the surface that confuse their roots underground, that embrace below in an embedded network that connects them.  That makes them strong and safe.

Choreographer Mario Bermudez Gil found inspiration for this new work from the natural landscape of his home town in Vilches, the town where his company is also based. As he plants his feet upon the red earth, and looks far out into the horizon, it is his land, his children, his parents, his grandparents, and his ancestors, all of whom grew up in the culture of the earth, under the dictates of the telluric.

Pablo Polo‘s music, created exclusively for Adama, uses the sound of a language without origin. To the rhythm of these voices an evocative dance of nature and its free will is built, which sets these three bodies free, nevertheless trapped on an insignificant planet in the face of the greatness of its solar system. The choreography seems to always follow the rules of nature; it is circular, it begins where it ends and begins again. It is at a time cycle, continuity and eternity …

Adama, which in Hebrew means Earth, is no stranger to Mario Bermúdez and Marcat Dance’s own universe. It appears without dissimulation twinned with Garip, a previous work from 2019, which investigated the roots, the cultural, the traditional and the ethnic. What was before told in the language of what is now. It is the miscegenation and cultural collage that defines the Andalusian so much. It also happens in Adama who seems to want to reveal secrets. Secrets of the earth and of the ancestors that cannot be expressed with words, but that touch the sensitivity.  That comes through sensual, earthly, evocative movement and music.

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Premiered: 05/05/2021 / Available

RUNNING TIME 30 minutes
CHOREOGRAPHY Mario Bermudez Gil
MUSIC Jose Pablo Polo