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ACUMULAR ARTIFICIOS Mercedes Pedroche (choreographer) and Mar Garrido (video artist) collaborate together on this piece, sharing a poetic affinity and a common territory of dialogue from diverses languages. Permeated by the current circumstances we are living in, they present the idea of loop in a contained space, creating a scenic and visual network that manipulates their lastest creations: «Acumular» (video-creation by Mar Garrido) and «Artificios y Leopardos» (dance and theatre piece created by Mercedes Pedroche). A woman, curtailed by the absurdity of Camus’ Sisyphus, lives trapped in the quagmire of a cyclical experience of physical resistance that leads her to the limit of her exhaustion. An eternal vital recurrence, oscillating between the known and the unpredictable, where failure can be transformed into impulse.   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 17/09/2020 / Available

Direction, choreography and performance
Mercedes Pedroche

Video Art
Mar Garrido

Original music

Sound space designer
Mar Garrido

Lighting design
Inés de la Iglesia

Stage concept and costume
Mercedes Pedroche

Ciro Pérez, Eva Viera and Gabriel Ortiz

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• Length: 25 minutos (aprox.) whitout intermission

• Genre: Contemporary and video art

• Lenguage: English and Spanish

• Number of performers: 1

• All public

• Theaters, non-conventional spaces and street