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accIDent is a journey through the emotions of a society that shares a fear. A society that is powerless before the acts of violence that take place when and where least expect, are ACCIDENTS in life that have a single goal: weaken the ties that bind us. A trip looking for the IDENTITY itself, crossing the personal emotions before a strong experience. The choreography develops the chaos, the bewilderment and the fear of a violent event; the agony and suffocation of being trapped; sadness and helplessness in the face of the loss of a loved one. Finished these moments of restlessness, the target, initiates the choreographic change that represents the hope and the illusion to continue the life without fear, all together with a same objective: the hope in the future accIDent is a positive proposal in the face of violence, in general and, in the face of certain violence, in particular: gender abuse, school bullying, racism, wars or terrorism; One way or another, lives will be destroyed. The purpose pursued with this work, is to raise awareness among young people of the danger of fundamentalism, the bigotry of intolerance or radicalism ... all are synonymous with extremism and violence that lead to nothing. We want to encourage collaboration, flexibility, patience, understanding, permissiveness and teamwork. All this allows them to have a better and more hopeful future Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 24/02/2018 / Available

Dirección Artística y Coreografía: Gonzalo Díaz

Dirección de ensayos: Camille Balcaen

Dirección Técnica – Iluminación: Jesús Lucio

Música: Collage

Vestuario: Carmen Granell

Videoproyección: Lucía Villanueva

Distribución: Matel Cultura

Duración: 60 minutos sin descanso