Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network
About Dance from Spain

Dance from Spain is an initiative by FECED that aims to promote Spanish dance companies and their performances abroad.

Under the label Dance from Spain, our Federation has attended national and international dance and performing arts fairs, providing information about Spanish dance companies and gathering information on their behalf since 2012.

FECED-Dance from Spain initiative is supported by INAEM, AECID, D.G. Industrias Culturales Ministerio de Cultura, Cervantes Institute, SGAE, and the SGAE Foundation.

Frequently asked questions about Dance from Spain

What is Dance from Spain?
Dance from Spain is a digital catalogue of  Spanish dance companies.

What can you find in Dance from Spain?
You can find professional profiles of the companies that belong to FECED, as well as information about their creations.
The Dance from Spain catalogue provides information about companies and their creations.

Who can be listed in the Dance from Spain catalogue?
Being part of the Dance from Spain catalogue is a service to members of one of the FECED organisations. If you wish to be a member, you can make a request calling +34 916 696 858.

How can I be registered in Dance from Spain?
You can register by clicking here. Once registered, you are already member and will receive an email informing you how to activate your account. As of that moment, you can start to add and update information about your company in the Dance from Spain catalogue.

How do I send my information?
In Dance from Spain website, each company handles their own information; the best way to ensure it is as updated as possible.
Sign in with the same username and password you specified when registering on this page. After accessing your Dance from Spain private zone, you can add professional information about your company and its creations. Any information can subsequently be modified at any time to make sure it is updated.