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ABYSS…   Abyss is a personal challenge of the dancer Obdulia Bustos who, after 20 years of touring the world of dance, seeks to break with the stereotypes and conventional directives of Spanish dance and flamenco. The performance is impregnated by the artist’s personal experiences, as well as the natural elements air, land and water that she uses as vehicles to give light and colour to her deepest feelings and movements.   The project reveals the fact that the barriers, obstacles and impositions of life can condition our journey, sometimes diminishing our ability to create, invent, compose and be ourselves. The author collides with this reality and courageously uses dance as communication to reveal herself to the world and express how important it is to find our true essence. Abyss for Obdulia Bustos is that unattainable depth where there is no end is what makes the soul dance and travel to another reality.   According to Obdulia, the abyss lives in each one of us, it is an unfathomable immaterial invitation but above all, it is a beginning from which you can not escape. This "Flamenco Performance" open to all lovers of dance and art in general, aims to convey the conflict that lives in many people who, living subject to rules, patterns and fears, abandon the attempts to find their true identity.   The dancer wishes to demonstrate the importance of when leaving your comfort zone, you can travel to another reality, and uses the paradise where she has been living for many years, Tenerife, to show it to the observer. Feelings such as melancholy, anger, despair and impotence take place in the work, composed of three creations performed live, and an audiovisual production that culminates with a performance on stage.   Fuzzy sounds, rigid movements soaked with a certain clumsiness are intermingled under dark spotlights at the beginning of the proposal. Then, the melancholy of the protagonist who can not stand it anymore  and screams "enough" from her deepest feelings, breaks with these "imposed rules" to start  searching for her true identity. Removing a mask that symbolizes the traditional and routine, evolves to the harmonious and genuine movement that really consumes her, accompanied by the music created by the artist and composer Ignacio Fernández, another bohemian like her, manages to showcase her art and helps push the emergence of deep emotions in the viewer that can contemplate the performance.   In the second part, melancholic notes vibrate our ears, accompanied by a dance with strength and anger under a blue and red sky. Finally, it thunders ... she finally sheds her fears and merges with the sea. She takes advantage of the firm ground where she treads, because the rocks and walls that she encounters do not make her doubt, they do not make her hesitate to reach her destination; that climax that makes her shine.   The wind flows in her essence, she closes her eyes and looks back not with sadness but with fearlessness and courage, proud of the experience and learning acquired, acknowledging her roots but also grabbing her own destiny. The landscapes of the island of Tenerife have a particular importance for the author and that is why they symbolize the origin of a journey in which she seeks to fly. To fly dancing as she has never done but always wanted to, dedicating it to the sea, to the moon, to the stars... to the laurisilva and to all those people who wish to embark on this adventure towards personal freedom.   Wanting, but sometimes not being able ... Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? All these setbacks present in the trajectory of the artist are precisely the drivers of this abyss in which she finds her chimera. Facing all these fears and conditioning herself is the first step in getting rid of the impediment that makes it difficult for us to start dreaming.   It invites the public to be moved and to delve into the depths of their being, to begin this exodus that, although relentlessly carries a baggage of memories, connects with a unique experience that you will not want to leave.   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 03/11/2018 / Available

Creator and Dancer: Obdulia Bustos Rodríguez (Diploma in Spanish Dance, Diploma in Nursing and Doctorate line: “Danzaterapia”).

Collaborator of the project: Viviana Marrero Rodríguez (Diploma in Nursing and student of Psychology).

Composer / musician: Ignacio Fernández – (2min collaborates song “Healing” by musician Nicola Cruz).

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