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A Palo Seco, without embellishments and adornments, without wanting to be anyone else but myself, that’s how I search within myself for the essence of my being, and I let myself be taken to the place where I can be free, and where the energy and movements flowing from flamenco dance take me beyond forms and conventions. That’s how I can say that I dance, dance and nothing else… And what can I do but be carried away? And what can I do but allow this to happen to me and convey my feelings and emotions to you who are here with me… You who are witnessing, that, finally, I am allowing myself to be born. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 03/07/2014 / Available

Coreografía e interpretación: Sara Cano
Música original: Héctor González
Voz y arreglos musicales: Alberto Funes
Iluminación: Gloria Montesinos (A.a.i.)
Diseño de vestuario: Sara Cano
Producción: Sara Cano Compañía de Danza
Ayudante de producción: David Arrabal
Distribución: Elena Santonja (ESMANAGEMENT)