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“A Palo Seco” [‘Straight Out’] is the name of my first individual show, in which I take to the stage for the first time as a performer and choreographer. Through it, I attempt to embark on a journey of personal soul searching, in which research and experimentation are at the foundation used to reformulate my dance, conceived from the visceral aspects of Spanish dance and the conceptual aspects of contemporary dance. Beyond categorisation, it is a genuine and personal dance. A Palo Seco is the beginning of a journey towards a personal evolution, always gazing towards the future but without losing grasp of tradition, in the arduous search for originality. This show is derived from the short play entitled A Palo Seco, a solo performance by me, which won first prize for Solo Choreography in the XXIII Contest of Spanish Dance and Flamenco in Madrid July 2014, an award for best Musical Composition for Spanish Dance, Suma Flamenco Award 2015, and an Exchange Award for companies invited to International Contests. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 04/07/2015 / Available

Dirección, Coreografía e Interpretación: Sara Cano
Dirección Escénica: Teresa Nieto
Composición Musical Original y Espacio Sonoro: Héctor González
Diseño de Iluminación y Espacio Escénico: Gloria Montesinos (A.a.i.)
Diseño de Vestuario: Elisa Sanz
Realización de vestuario: Mayka Chamorro y Elisa Sanz
Pintura en vestuario: María Calderón
Música en directo, Voz y Arreglos Vocales: Alberto Funes
Técnico de Sonido: Jorge Díaz “Roy”
Distribución: ESMANAGEMENT