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“A muerte”, “To death”, spanish expression that means to do something as if your life depends on it. "A muerte" as a motto, “A muerte “as a way of life. This is what we consider a show must be , like this it must be represented. Facing this cruel world we only had one solution: Killing the Hermanas Gestring. Excited and almost posessed pronounciating the words ”to death ” we kill the Hermanas Gestring with a clear purpose, a face to face with Hades. For that we had an hard and stimulating journey forced to cheat the Goalkeeper, wandering during years on Asphodelos, pretending to be of royal blood to stay on the Elysian Fields until our mermaid skin would vanish to show the claws of the Keres and to be able to cross the river of fire and show Hades who is in command from now on. We went all along with death and made it ours ,the undergorund world was governed by us, the daugthers of the night thirsty of human blood.   We carry in the blood the irony of humanity, we are daughters of the 21st century, we are the result of all the previous trash. With mockery and cockiness we introduce ourselves, we do not know how to act otherwise. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 23/11/2018 / Available

CREATION Hermanas Gestring and David Climent DIRECTION Hermanas Gestring and David Climent LIGHT DESIGN Benito Jiménez PHOTO AND CREATIVE ASSISTANCE Carolina Cebrino VIDEO Diego Caro MUSIC LCC / Mopa / Diego Caro and Lorenzo Soria (Industrias94) SCENIC DESIGN Hermanas Gestring and David Climent COSTUME DESIGN Anna Jonsson and Ingrid García DRAMATURGY Hermanas Gestring and Verónica Morales ATREZZO Miguel Díaz

THANKS TO: Tanzhaus- Zurich and L’estruch, Fábrica de creación en Sabadell. This project was made thanks to crowdfunding.