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"My old folks used to tell lost battles behind a full smile. They're only memories and ephemeral moments with no importance. They're wide continuous brushstrokes that melt my body into the landscape, like Sorolla's children. Quiet, calm. To these stories come along many others from many other voices, so that they allow me to travel into those moments and memories to let them stay within a boundless space. I don't know if i should thank My old folks., or my My old ... Today, there's nothing to do. Just TO BE HERE" Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 14/06/2010 / Not available

​​Creación e interpretación: Álvaro Frutos.
​​​​Vestuario: Cía. Álvaro Frutos.
Fotografía: Cipri López.
Edición de vídeo-danza:
Cía. Álvaro Frutos.