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This piece is born from the investigation of my own movement. We have always started from a movement merged with more urban styles, working hard on changes in dynamics and different textures. We have fixed the material giving special importance to the articular destructuring of the movement. It is a very physical piece and I am interested in the dancers arriving at the performance experiencing the material; I like that the movement is honest and truthful and the interpretation of each one is born from the physicality of the piece itself. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 24/06/2016 / Available

Direction and choreography: Iker Karrera – Dancers: Carla Diego and Raymond Naval – Lighting design: Galane77 – Costume design and styling: Iker Karrera and Fernando Lázaro – Music: Kura – Production: Iker Karrera / Danza180º – Distribution: Marisol Pérez / LaOtraBanda – Photography: Jacobo Medrano

Length: 15min