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1 cockfight. 2 couples facing one another, 4 four-wheel drives, 8 eyes popped from their sockets, and 16 dislocated joints.

4X4 is an urban dance show, which mixes humor with singular virtuosity, in order to bring across the performer´s “right to be different.” As its starting point, the dance battle creates a frenetic dance, in which different styles become one, building an energy that keeps on climbing.

PRIZE for the Best Basque Show in UMORE AZOKA 2013

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 19/05/2013 / Available

CHOREOGRAPHY: Asier Zabaleta with the help of interpreters.
PERFORMERS: Chimid Badmaev, Pedro Alfonso Vilas, Sergio Nguema, Thiago Luiz Almeida.
– 565 F.S. (Club off Chaos)
– STADT (Pole)
– TORN OPEN (Co-fusión)
COSTUMES: Moonrocks
DURATION: 17 min