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THE SUBTLE FEMININE NATURE, BATHED IN MAGICAL REALISM.   Heterogeneous and universal choreographic proposal, which is based on the cultural and geographic diversity of the three creators origin countries (Italy / Brazil / Spain).   Coincidence and chance causes three very different women meet in a brazilian-butecos-style decadent bar, and immerse themselves in the particular feminine nature, based on their different life trajectories. It aims to create an evocative and magical atmosphere, a picture of what depicted by the South American narrative or the Fellini aesthetics. Two of the Madrid strong-weight dance companies in the national scene, EnClaveDANZA and LARUMBEdanza, together with producer ES.ARTE, come together to establish a real and direct artistic connection, which addresses artistic creation from the challenge to unite different dance styles of dance, based on this diversity and cultural mix. SUPPORT FOR THE PROJECT TEATROS DEL CANAL, Community of Madrid, Coslada City Hall - Margarita Nelken Cultural Centre; THEATRE Jaramilla; INAEM-Ministry Culture..   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 28/09/2015 / Available

– Choreography and choreographic interpretation: CRISTINA MASSON & DANIELA MERLO

– Original recorded composition: BEATRIZ ARZAMENDI CECIAGA

– Original Composition ot the scene / Interpretation: TRINIDAD JIMÉNEZ (Flutes in G and Bass)

– Additional Music: RAMÓN PAUS

– Music Performance (piano): IBERIAN&KLAVIER Piano Duet (LAURA SIERRA y MANUEL TÉVAR

– Direction and staging: JUAN DE TORRES

– Lighting Design and Technical Coordination: DIEGO PALACIO

– Technician: FÉLIX GONTÁN

– Production Management: MARIA J. GÓMEZ PÉREZ (MARIA ALLAS)

– Coordination of Promotion: LIZBETH PÉREZ

– Poster Design and Photography: FERNANDO BRIONES

– Photos on Jaramilla Theatre: Miguel Ángel García

– theatre costumes Advisor : PALOMA MOLINO

Artistic Production: EnClaveDANZA – LARUMBEdanza – ES.ARTE

Staff recruitment: ES.ARTE • MARÍA J. GOMEZ • Tel. (34)629435597 •