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On April 26th 1937, the city of Guernica was bombed by the German Condor Legion. Several months before that, the government of the 2nd Spanish Republic ordered Picasso a painting for the Paris Universal Exposition which would take place that same year. Picasso, who was through an artistic crisis in that moment, couldn’t find a topic for the painting. However, when he knew about the bombing over Guernica, he finished it in one month (between May and June of 1937). 2017 marks the 80th anniversary of this masterpiece, which moves and keeps moving everyone who looks at it. How does Picasso come up with these images? Which is his reflection about this tragic event? What things are hiding behind each figure in the painting? What elements last until today and how has it influenced the art? How did Dora Maar affect this process and his relation with Picasso? 37Guernica17 is a tribute for this work of art and we, as one of these “theories or predictions” that currently exist, want to express what we feel when we contemplate this painting, while also trying to put ourselves in Picasso’s shoes.  Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 03/10/2017 / Available

Direction: Fernando Hurtado
Co-direction and assessment:
Miguel Palacios
Interpreters: Olaia Valle, Inma Montalvo, Teresa Santos, Raúl Durán, María Gómez, Fernando Hurtado
Music: Loscil, Hildur Gubnadoitir, E. Neubaten, L. Pavarotti, Kogonada, Kluster Electric, C. Aznavour, John Parish, Kria Brekkan, Thomas Bangalter
Lighting design:
Antonio Arrabal
Touring Techinicians:
Fernando Hurtado
Projections: Azael Ferrer
Ilustrator: José Medina Galeote
Stylists: Fernando Hurtado y Factoría Echegaray
Set design: Fernando Hurtado
Photography assessment:
Photography: Lucía Muñoz y Quintero
Stage props and masks:
Pepa Muñoz
Stage production:
Factoría Echegaray
Advertising: Factoría Echegaray
Video: Factoría Echegaray
Compañía de Danza
Fernando Hurtado
Production: Claudia Marcotullio
National Distribution:
a+ soluciones culturales
International Distribution: Clara Vidal