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2Proposiciones dance-theatre / Raquel Madrid

Dos proposicionesdanzateatro was created in 2005 within the programme of Sala Endanza “Young Creators” (Seville); since then, and primarily with private financial support, they have joined the professional Andalusian Dance Community in creating, directing and producing scenic projects.

The Company has been working at a local, national and international level producing the following performances: Colgada de ti (2005), Le grand Voyage (2006), Capítulo VIII del código civil: de la disolución del matrimonio (2007), Aprobación predeterminada (2008), Japiverdy!! (2009), Tratado abreviado de sueños de andar por casa (2010), Breve historia de un largo acontecimiento (2011), Lo que toca (2012), El soberao (2014), Hay cuerpos que se olvidan (2015).

The company has taken part in different national and international festival programmes and has been rewarded by the Professional Andalusian Dance Association (PAD).

The works that this company develops are medium and small format to be represented on conventional theatre stages or outside spaces.

Always using a theatrical method to use movement to tell a story and to make contemporary dance approachable for all kind of audiences: “Dance at the service of the story and the emotions it provokes”.

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