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Birds don’t just fly, broken and recovered dreams, a face to face encounter with identity in an intense setting of scales of big and small, close and far, wild and soft, dark and light, peace and terror. Creatures driven out of their nest by an innate force, endure a traumatic fall into the void before catching themselves from hitting the ground in the last instant by spreading their wings. They encounter fear and disgust, doubt, a cloak of shame and an all-devouring dread but giving up is never an option. These bodies must move with the rhythms and melodies of their own existence, beyond failure, beyond fortune and the beast that is raging inside. Birds don't just fly. Créditos y ficha técnica
Fecha creación: 23/11/2019 / En activo

Idea y coreografía: Horacio Macuacua
Bailarinas/creadoras: Riina Kalmi, Annika Havlicek
Musica/performance: Simonal Bie (SIWO)
Diseño de luces: Caldino Alberto