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UNDERTAGO is a modern, fresh, lighthearted and bold expression of tango which sums up this company´s long artistic career and the evolution of it´s line of movement, creating a variety of choreographies that are filled with sensations.

It takes place in an industrial borough of the Big City with walled-in barracks, where the buildings lack windows and balconies.

Under tango depicts life here during the day and at nighttime, work in the factories, carnival: all that is imprinted in the nature of tango.

The bandoneon, violin, double bass and electronics merge together carrying classic tango to a more contemporary sound.

The company R.E.A Danza was founded in Argentina but resides in Spain.

In it´s non-stop 25 year old experience in the world of dance, the company has achieved an outstanding curriculum of a great many choreographies and theatrical productions, with more than 20 different tango shows throughout their career.

R.E.A Danza has always maintained a very personal, innovative and elegant vision of this musical style, and has alaways taken great care in their staging and exquisite musical selection.

Undertango celebrates R.E.A.Danza´s 25 years of a steady, uninterrupted and prolific career.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 16/11/2016 / Available

Idea, choreography and direction Jupa y Diego Arias.

Original music and musical direction Juan Baca.

Technical direction Eladio Cano.

Clothing Norma García.

Decors Juan Arias.

Diseño de luces Eladio Cano.

Video screenings Jupa Arias.

Production REA producciones.

Production assistant Cintia Gonzalo.

REA danza

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