Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

Contemporary Dance Show

DURATION 1 hour 20 minutes (workshop) 20 minutes (performance/ interpretation)
AUDIENCE Children (3 to 8 years old) and their families
FORMAT Small. Reduced Capacity. 20 -25 people maximum per showing



The Workshop/Performance takes place in a room/library filled with book and objects that will carry out a purpose. The participants/audience will enter in the space and observe the attitude of the interpreter towards the setting, and from here on each participant will have an assigned task that will be developed by following the guidelines of the interpreter. The movement, the voice, the observation, and the surprise, every action has an effect on the performance and every stage production will be different depending on the interaction of the audience.

The space where the workshop takes place is filled with tools, not always visible, to create a dance performance in which each individual will contribute their small bit of ingenuity to the final exhibition: the stage performance. Through the exercises and games the workshop evolves and leads to the second part, the stage performance, now Omar Mezza will present his performance and the participants in the workshop will take their role as the audience. Presenting the creative process of a dance performance and it’s interior up to the exhibition, interacting with the audience. This will definitely lead to Involve the audience in the artistic creation.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/09/2014 / Available

Interpretation and stage management : Omar Mezza
Original music: Dave Campodarve
Image designer and Illustrations: Enriko Bolo
Executive producer: Laura Campoy
Audiovisual production: Lanses Productions
Photography: Juan Pablo Romero
Comunication and Networking: Sandra Pertíñez