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“Salón Otto” seeks to shelter human solidarity, shelter and gathering against the toughest priori realities. It recreates those quiet spaces, releasing of fleeting encounters; that particular point that serves as home for the language, as a single human home, how express John Berger in his work with “Hope between the teeth”.

Move to a previous event in our history aims to be reborn in the already modified, encouraged present of rage, love, hope, and celebration of life. Salón Otto is the wait and hope; a breath, but not the last.

In this new work, company Teresa Navarrete has the presence of sound creator Montgomery, a stellar collaboration in this new creative assault of the company. Salon Otto thrives on new shades that are part of an aesthetic line in constant evolution.  Montgomery offers these new prospects in terms of composition and musical ambience, offering also a powerful physical presence that monitors and feeds the scene.

Dance, and live music…

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 14/12/2013 / Available

-A show of Teresa Navarrete company with the special participation of Montgomery
Creation and interpretation Teresa Navarrete (replaces Andrea Quintana), Nando Perez Montgomery / Assistant director Mary M. Cabeza de Vaca / Original composition, sound design space Montgomery, Miguel Marin / texts Own texts and adaptations of Augustine Fdez. Mallo, John Berger and Virginia Arroyo / design stage space Company Teresa Navarrete, Maria Meler / Sculptures Joaquín Jara / Lighting Design Nando Perez, Diego Cousido / Photography and graphic design Maria Meler / Tech Diego Cousido/ Administrative Representative Legal Manager GNP.

A project in collaboration with AAIICC – Ministry of Culture – Andalusian, Hon. Delegation of Cordova / With the support of L’animal esquena / CICUS / CAS