Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

Contemporary dance show

DURATION  37 minutes

AUDIENCE  Early Childhood / 0 to 3 years old – limited housing / 4 to 8 years old – house of 250-300 people


PEOPLE ON TOUR  3 – 4 artists



How do babies communicate? Moon River shows different scenes inspired in the way babies explore the world. They manage to figure out how we, adults, communicate and they develop their own way of communication. They master the ability to dialogue amongst themselves and their mothers. How do they look at each other? How do they look at others? How do they feel light, objects, water…? They dance, they play with movement. We travel through the show to experience a baby´s first connection with its surroundings. What happens on stage evolves like the river runs, the development of a baby, being born, crawling, walking…, the first steps towards the discovery of life.

Two dancers approach different textures and shapes, they discover objects and play with them through their imagination, everything is new and can become a wonderful story. When we create shows for early childhood, first we have to think about catching their attention. They are a very special audience and we must follow channels of communication that they can understand. Nowadays, new technologies allow us to use colour and light in our shows in many ways, and they provide us with more resources to tell stories to audiences.

Each scene is an exploration of rhythm that captivates the constant attention of our especially young audience. The choreographies are created with slow and soft movements all over the stage, using different objects: a music box, a big sea made of plastic, a ball filled with water and light. Simple objects become fantastic ones, full of movement and light. The discovery of a new element with new colours serves as a transition from one scene to another, and it is always through the game between the two dancers.

Flow Like A River As The Moon Watches You…



Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 25/09/2010 / Available

Director: Omar Meza
Collaborating Dramaturge: Carlos Herans
Movement: Da.Te Danza
Dancers: Iván Montardit y Rosa María Herrador
Choreography assistant: Celia Sako
Music: Jesús Fernández y José Perelló
With the special collaboration of: David Moretti y Derk Rossbach
Costumes: Da.Te Danza
Seamstress: Javier F. Casero
Ligthting Design: Ernesto Monza
Scenography: Da. Te Danza
Executive Producer: Laura Campoy
Production assistant: Cristina Vílchez
Audiovisual production, Editing: Caravansar gestión cultural y Rec Over
Photography: Ruperto Leal
A co-production with La Sala Miguel Hernández (Sabadell)