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Children are so used to seeing puppets that when they see a real ventriloquist they don’t understand it.

Adults are so used to seeing puppets that when they see a real ventriloquist they don’t want to understand it.

Ventriloquists give the puppets the chance to lead a normal life. The world, the place you live in, is the sick place.

Ventriloquists with no puppets are like puppets with no strings. Puppets are just the slightly meaner version of the weirdo holding them.

It’s as simple as that.

It’s beyond my comprehension.


Text inspired in quotes by Daniel Tosh, Paul Winchell, The Truman Show




Picnic on the moon is a “tableau vivant” of two human beings at the South France spending their afternoon at the park, just enjoying the sun and the soft air between their hair. What would happen if they would realize that the sun is actually a lamp and that wind is coming from a fan?

The performers find themselves in an ideal scenario with a perfectly placed set. The picnic looks beautiful. The still image is the perfect idyllical scene, almost too beautiful to be real. Every single object is exactly where it should be. But it seems like nowadays so many ‘perfect’ things are presented to us as ‘real’. We learn that ‘real’ corresponds to ‘perfect’ and that the more perfect it looks, the better. Does it actually fulfill us to live in this reality? Do we really need to aim for such ideals?

Picnic on the moon raised from a picture purely as a starting point. How would this picture move? Who is moving it? Is it real? The piece researches the contrast between a perfect reality with a deserted interior, a place in which the separating line between reality and fakeness is no longer defined.

We composed and created this piece from the imaginary of a world, a tiny world. As a result, we have found a parody of how much humans have become the empty puppets moving to the mercy of certain standards. The standards we have ended up believing that will make us happy.

Throughout the picnic we develop a trip which explores this concept in different levels of depth. It is presented in an easy going setting with very literal images and situations, which can be watched and interpreted in different ways.

We worked asking ourselves questions like: What if we were the puppets of a child who is playing with us? Which are the different ways in which this picture could come alive? How would the two characters relate to each other? How would it be to have a picnic on the moon? And we explored tasks such as evolving from a regular picnic to a “not common” picnic, putting together abstract movement with a literal setting. Out of this research has come a piece full of subtility and detail.



Interview at Festival Sismògraf



Festival Sismògraf: Friday, 26th April 2019.

Review: Jordi Sora

*Translated: “It is a pleasure, in the tight programming of a festival, to find an honest and calm piece. It is not a matter of underestimating the productions of great calyze, but sometimes in a short duo you can enjoy the essence of the scenic act, a lot of passion for dance and a thickness of sincerity with no pretension that makes Picnic on the Moon one of the greatest things that such a meeting like the one in Olot can offer to fans and, above all, to programmers of small spaces and little resources. (…) “ 

Festival Sismògraf: Friday, 26th April 2019.

Review: Clàudia Brufau

*Translated: “Picnic on the Moon from the young dancers Alexa Moya and Júlia Godino is a small delight that gives us the opportunity to enjoy a choreography, which unpretentiously reminds us the reason why we like contemporary dance. (…)

Picnic on the Moon is a ‘caramel sur l’herbe’: it radiates light and at the same time projects shadows. (…) “


As a complement of the performance we also offer a workshop for a mx. 15-20 children/ 12-14 years old.



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Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 26/04/2019 / Available

Title of the piece: Picnic on the Moon
Choreography: Alexa Moya Panksep and Júlia Godino Llorens
Company name: Júlia Godino i Alexa Moya
Performers: Alexa Moya Panksep and Júlia Godino Llorens
Collaboration with: The Backyard Collective
Duration: 15 minutes
© La vie en rose, Édith Piaf
© Non, je ne regrette rien, Édith Piaf
© La foule, Édith Piaf
Costumes and set: Alexa Moya Panksep and Júlia Godino Llorens
Light design: Alexa Moya Panksep and Júlia Godino Llorens with collaboration of Llorenç Parra
Dramaturgy: Alexa Moya Panksep and Júlia Godino Llorens
Images: Machias Bosschaerts, Kurt Van der Elst i Rosor Llorens Garangou
Special thanks to: The Backyard Collective, Kavka, Escola de dansa Dansamar, Rosor Llorens Garangou, Machias Bosschaerts, Gallery Geukens & De Vil, Geert Belpaeme

Picnic on the Moon
– Obtained first award and popular audience award at the contest Certàmen Coreogràfic de Sabadell. This included a residency space which they will use for the creation of their new work and being part of the program for the next season. October 2019

– Was selected one of the 6 finalist choreographies at the contest 33 Certámen Coreografico de Madrid. This included a residency at Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), invitation to play at the festival Cuerpo Romo, and two scholarships. December 2019