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Such as the paragraphs of a book one can extract it of a whole, we can separate the moments of life in which there is a new paragraph: an unexpected joy, an important decision, a deception, to meet someone, a time of transition in which it seems that nothing happens…

A Flamenco-Contemporary dance duet which starts from a traditional language that manifests into a personal an open manner by guiding the performance towards a contemporary path. The Spanish dance, which possesses a very strong and defined identity, embraces new forms through fresh creators and interpreters, who contribute a present approach.

The structure of the show is composed of several “Paragraphs”, in which a variety of musical and choreographic styles take us on a journey to different scenes, where realism alternates with moments of abstraction.

Included is the original music of Paco Cruz, a flamenco guitarist, composer and accompanist of such figures as Rocío Molina, Eva la Yerbabuena, Alfonso Losa, etc…; Diego Alvarez, “El Negro”, a Venezuelan composer and percussionist who dominates a grand variety of musical styles ranging from flamenco, jazz, vocal, latin…; Karo Sampela, percussionist and versatil musician from Finland and Raúl Guerra, who specializes in digital composition, rock, and electro acoustic.

The project has been created in artistic residence of “El Tablero”, La Pimentera-Acción Creativa and the rural festival of creation “Las Eras de El Tablero”, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with the support of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), Spanish Ministry of Culture, for New Choreographic Creation Projects.


Duration 55 Minutes aprox.



Credits and datasheet

Choreography and Dancers: Pepa Sanz and José Merino

Original Music: Paco Cruz, Diego Alvarez “El Negro” Karo Sampela and Raúl Guerra.

Music: Laurie Anderson, Lisa Germano, Diego Carrasco, Kiko Veneno, “BESAME MUCHO” Consuelo Velázquez ©Promotora Hispano Americana de Música. Authorized by Peermusic Española SAU;

Musical Edition and Studio: Raúl Guerra

Set Design and Artistic Collaboration: Carolina Sanz

Lighting Design: José Bau

Costumes: Emilia Massarani, Kabak and Girasol Flamenco

Artistic Direction: Pepa Sanz and José Merino