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There is something about the new and unknown that fascinates me, I am a constant seeker and this curiosity is the engine that always keeps me on the move”

NO PAUSE is a choreographic work based on a physics experiment called ¨perpetual motion¨, a hypothetical machine that can work indefinitely without an external energy source. In the scientific field it is a utopic object, but in my current creative universe, full of exhaustion and with almost no external incentives, my perpetual motion comes from curiosity, a neverending source of energy which appears as the only posible path to continue on the move.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 31/01/2015 / Available

Direction & Choreography
Daniel Doña

Soloist Dancers
Cristina Gómez
María Alonso
Cristian Martín
Daniel Doña

Francisco Vinuesa or Victor Márquez “Tomate”
David Vazquez

Lighting & Tecnichal Design:
Olga García

Guest Choreographer
Marco Flores

Original Music
Héctor González y Francisco Vinuesa

Sound Space Design
Héctor González

Custome Design
Emilia Król & Natkimba

Celia de Coca
Juan Antonio Cárdenas

Grafic Design
Fernando Calleja

Sound Tecnician
Kike Cabañas

Machinist & Scenographer
Oscar Alonso (Rusti)

Daniel Doña

Distribution & management
Peineta Producciones

Executive Production
Ana Carrasco