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2019 yearbook by Neofolk Roots
Cía Sara Cano Photo Sara Cano Cia
Sara Cano and Nesma explore our roots from very different perspectives.


The roots of our culture are rescued and brought back to our time to form the basis of Neofolk, a stream of fusions between existing traditions and our past, faithfully depicted in Vengo, Sara Canos new creation for 10 dancers, produced after her solo piece Sintempo. Meanwhile, the cultural legacy of al-Andalus constitutes the main focus in the work of Nesma, dancer and choreographer who has created a neoandalusian dance style, combining elements of the Arabic and Spanish folklore by means of a personal contemporary language. This is shown in her productions Muwashahat and the most recent Enta Ouri, a tribute to the Egyptian diva Umm Kulzum.

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