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Nortasun Agiri Nazionala = National Identity Card.

NAN is a scenic journey beyond the frontiers of identity and nationality, where contemporary dance mixes with text, video and live music. With the help of the pianist Iñar Sastre, the performance invites us to reflect on the concepts of people, nation or country.

Rather than calling into question the value of the “homeland”, NAN wants to find its exact value. What is the cost of a homeland? How many lives? How many deaths? Do all countries have the same price? Is belief in country like belief in God, creating and shaping each in our own way?

“ALL FOR YOUR COUNTRY” – to give your life? To take away lives? What is a country without life?

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 18/03/2013 / Available

DIRECTION: Asier Zabaleta.
PERFORMERS: Asier Zabaleta, Iñar Sastre.
VIDEO: Iker Urteaga.
TEXTS: Asier Zabaleta, Xabier Lete y J.A. Irigaray.
LIGHTS DESIGN: Oscar Grijalba.
DESSIN: Eugenio Paccelli Horta.
DISTRIBUTION: Arantza Balentziaga
SET DESIGN: Pello Artola.