Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

Flamenco-Contemporary Air Performance, where the main tool is the corporal expression and the movement through the body.

Evolution from the origin of life through all its phases of change through the transformation of “being”, underlying emotions and ephemeral beauty that makes us all sharers.


Search for new forms of expression, movements and Flamenco rhythms.

MUTATIS, aims to show the Dance of “being” through the evolution of the life cycle, the development of the “Metamorphosis” of the body.

Stages of change and resistance; constant learning from a very ancestral and natural perspective.

The artist through this Performance aims to bring the Dance to the general public, using unconventional spaces and promoting the avant-garde art of Flamenco dance from another line of creation.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 29/04/2018 / Available

– Direction and Choreography: Obdulia Bustos Rodríguez
– Dancer: Obdulia Bustos Rodríguez
– Musical Creation: Ignacio Fernández Muñoz
– Scenography: Obdulia Bustos Rodríguez con la colaboración de Viviana Marrero Rodríguez
– Designer: Marlen Chacón de Cubas
– Photographs: cedidas por el Teatro Leal, La Laguna (Tenerife)
– Audiovisual Production: Ignacio Fernández Muñoz