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Mou Dansa was born in April 2009 on Xandy Liberato and Juan Pinillos’ own initiative. After finishing their training as dancers inValencia and working in different Spanish and foreign companies, these two dancers feel a need for continuing their training and for progressing in projects that connect with their way of seeing dance.

Due to the little educational offer for professionals in that moment  in Valencia and in Spain, as well as the high cost of attending courses abroad, they decide to contact diverse choreographers and bring them to Valencia in order that they enjoy new trainings as much as the other dancers, thus one of the company’s lines of work was born, that of the lifelong learning and training. Therefore, once in Valencia,the invited choreographers give lessons, that are grouped in workshops, opened to any dancer who wants to attend them, and this prompted another line of work of the company, that of the choreographic creation.

As a first result of this program and with the collaboration of the choreographer Mónica Cervantes, “Pure Pleasure” is created,which they entered the “II Certamen Nacional de Danza Clásica Española y Contemporánea de Sevilla” (II National Contest on Spanish Classical and Modern Dance in Sevilla) with, and received the Best Choreography and Best Performer Artist (Miguel Tonerno) awards. In a short period of time they are selected to enter the “Certamen Internacional de Danza Burgos-Nueva York 2009” (International Contest on Dance Burgos- New York 2009) where they are awarded Best Performing Arts Company. And finally they are selected among more than220 choreographies from countries from all over the world to enter the International Contest Masdanza 2009, where their work was finalist and awarded the Best Performing Artist (Monica Cervantes). Subsequently, they contacted Sonia Rodriguez, thus “Forbidden Colour”was created, as well as contacting Lorenza di Callogero and Laly Aiguade, and as a consequence, “Lo Mixaju” and “Little me” were created respectively.

In 2012 Juan Pinillos created his first own work for the company that was called “Bucle, aproximación a una pareja”. This was premiered at the “Cabanyal Íntim” Festival and was selected for the “Dança en Foco de Brasil 2012” Festival and for the “Black Box Fest” inBulgaria 2013.  And this was the beginnig  of a series of works for the company ( )

Nowadays, Juan Pinillos direct and create for the company. His concept of creation as much as teaching is the ecletic dance, a sort of dance that doesn’t believe in the dilemma dance-theater, which tries to make different styles possible and seeks integration rather than separation, being conscious about each one’s specialities, whose investigation and learning is focused on the limits of the different languages, which it borrows the most interesting aspects from. it is a kind of dance that is constantly learning and growing, as well as being capable of evolving and contradicting itself. Unbeliever in absolute truth, it seeks to comunicate through movement, to control through diverser techniques and to express through creativity.

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