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Bodies dancing, singing and vanishing behind the emotions they stir. Bodies in motion, moving us. Bodies transforming in harmony, splendour, chaos, life and death. These are the forgotten bodies, hidden in places where no one sees them, in the blind spots of the universe, the margins where they discover their true, sublime beauty.


Stage Management: Daniel Doña

Guest Artist: Sandra Carrasco

Choreography: Daniel Doña and Cristian Martín

Original Idea: Cristian Martín

Lighting Design: Álvaro Estrada (A. a. i)

Musical Composition and Sound Space Design: Pablo Martín Jones

Stage Design and Wardrobe: Davinia Fillol

Photography and Graphic Design: Marcosgpunto


Sound Technician: Kike Calvo

Machine Operator: Óscar Alonso (Rusti)

Photography and Graphic Design: MarcosGpunto

Video Production: Beatrix Molnar

Stage Design Workshop: María Luisa Talavera and Manuel Álvarez

Tailor Shop: Maribel Rodríguez

Production: Cristian Martín

Executive Production: Carolina Pozuelo

Distribution: Art & Danza

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 23/09/2020 / Available