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Lucía Vázquez Madrid

Dancer, choreographer and ballet, contemporary, Yoga and Pilates teacher born in Seville, Spain. Graduated in Design and Plastics Arts in Fashion Stylism.

Awarded as best female dancer at Premios Escenarios 2014-2015 (Stage Awards of Seville), Premios del Teatro Andaluz 2013 (Andalusian Theatre Awards) and Premios Escenarios 2011 (Stage Awards of Seville).

She is interested in all art forms and in her pieces usually investigate with video, sound, text and costumes. She combines her own creations, solos or collaborations with other artists with the freelance work for other companies and directors. 

She has performed around UK, Netherland, France, Spain and Japan in dance/theatre/performance productions with Architanz (Tokyo), Junko Okuda (Tokyo), Manuela Nogales Danza (Seville), Los Negros/Álvaro Frutos (Barcelona/Seville), Producciones Imperdibles (Seville), Bárbara Sánchez (Seville), Cía. La Pública (Cordova), Cía. La Tarasca (Seville) and in productions of great operas. She also has collaborated with Nobuyoshi Asai (Tokyo/Nagoya), Saori Hala (Tokyo/Berlin), Yuki Takaoka (Tokyo), Colectivo D-Flesh (Paris), Guillermo Weickert (Seville) and Abraham Hurtado(Murcia/Berlin).

In 2010 she founds Colectivo Kuroi Co. with the dancer and choreographer María J. Villar, with which she created Dress CodeJury Prize at I National Contest of Dancing Capsules 2010 in Centro de las Artes de Sevilla; Loquo; Beatas Maiden, and Huevos, the last piece they created as a collective.

She started her ballet studies with Genesia Kindelán (Ballet Nacional de Cuba) and Gabriela Caballero.  In this period, she obtained the qualifications of Distinction and Commended until she reached the 6th degree in the Royal Academy of Dancing of London. Afterwards, she moves to Madrid to continue her professional training at Carmen Roche and María Giménez schools taking classes of ballet, jazz, contemporary, interpretation and singing. In 2006 and during three years, she was offered a full scholarship from the Centro Andaluz de Danza (Andalusian Dance Center) to specialize in ballet and contemporary dance. During her career, she completed her training taking classes and doing workshops at New York, Havana, Vienna, Brussels, Berlin and Tokyo.

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