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Los zuecos van hacia sus buenos hábitos

Daniel Abreu y Roberto Torres have sustain a close artistic and professional relationship since years ago, with a proximity between ideas and pedagogic activates or even work for shows that has given birth now to these play.


Los zuecos van hacia sus buenos hábitos, bases in the research work of movement and the body as the motor for the action and the choreography content.


Daniel Abreu has developed a very personal style based in the image and the improvement of it as poetic pictures, far from explicit narrative arguments, going deeper in the emotional part of the photographic fact. The physical action and his exposition, helped by a particular direction work origins a composition near to the cinema picture.


This work investigates in the body and its presence. What it is and what it explains. The use of the common can have a greater end than the expected. Take an object and turn it around till you can se in it the poetic side of the existence.


Choreography and Lighting Design: Daniel Abreu

Dancer                                             Roberto Torres

Music:                                              Miguel Gil, Mozart, Fennesz y Klimerk

Photography:                                    Élida Dorta

Dressing:                                         Dosinda Andrade

Production:                                      Compañía Nómada danza-teatro

Production Assistant:                     Marliuz Borges

Technician:                                       Grace Morales


Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 20/09/2008 / Available