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‘Las Cosas Se Mueven, pero Dicen Nada ( 2017) (Things Move But they do not Say Anything, 2017) is a choreography for multiple dancers about the possibilities of movement and the idea of permanence. Abstract in form, the piece is based on the idea that everything in life is in a state of constant movement, and that all living things move. Through their very existence and by purely moving, things have both their value and beauty. In this sense, the piece is a creative exploration and tribute to the rhythms and patterns of movement. The choreography invites the audience to be drawn into the developing overlapping and intertwining actions of the dancers allowing them to contemplate the beauty, complexity and dynamics of bodies in movement.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 24/01/2017 / Available

Choreography: Poliana Lima
Music: Vidal
Photography: Jacobo Medrano
Performers: Ada Continente, Ainhoa Uzandizaga, Almudena Perez, Cecilia Espeso, Cris Manso, Maddi Ruiz de Loizaga, Laura Carona y Elena Susilla.
Graphic material: Denis Forigo
Duration: 15 minutos