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javier martín (A Coruña, Spain) is a soloist dancer and choreographer, he conducts a research on performing arts with an epistemological approach. His work is based on improvisation as his main creative method and an accurate stage language. Since 2004 he has released more than 30 pieces of his own creation, such as ‘control‘, ‘el ansia‘ (the hunger), ‘el antiedipo o el homúnculo‘ (antiedipus aut homunculus), ‘el estado crudo‘ (the raw state), or ‘symptoma‘, the last one in collaboration with the Russian musician Oleg Karavaichuk. In april, 2017, he presented the most recent work, ‘la exforma’, one of his high audacious pieces. With a scientific academic background (he studied Chemistry and specialised on quantum mechanics) and with a special interest on Philosophy, his work as an artist draws from several sources. Octavio Mas, lightning technician, brings his sensitivity and know how to the artistic project of the company.

In parallel to the creation of his performing works, he is strongly committed with the creation and enrichment of contexts and social knowledge, for which he develops a range of initiatives such us writing studies, cross-disciplinary seminars, workshops, performative talks, work-in-process pieces along with spectator’s meetings, activation and development of researching groups, etc. He often collaborates with professionals with different backgrounds, from artists, architects, writers… to teachers, philosophers or doctors; in theatres, museums, universities, festivals and other non-conventional places.

His work has been presented in Spain, France, Russia and Portugal. He has recently received the support, as artist-in-residence, of the Kannon Dance House in St. Petersburg, EIRA-Teatro da Voz in Lisbon, Centro de Danza Canal in Madrid, the Museum of the University of Navarra (MUN) or the Rosalía de Castro Theatre in A Coruña, amongst others. He is currently developing the first annual researching residency awarded by the Colón Theatre. He has danced in multiple places such us: ‘Centre Pompidou Málaga’ in Málaga, ‘Museo Reina Sofía’ in Madrid, ‘Azkuna Zentroa’ in Bilbao, ‘MUN- Museo Universidad de Navarra’ in Pamplona; ‘Teatro Colón’, ‘Ágora’ and ‘Teatro Rosalía de Castro’ in A Coruña; Teatro Clunia in Burgos; ‘Teatro Xesc Forteza’ in Palma de Mallorca; ‘Teatro Principal’ in Santiago de Compostela; ‘Teatro Filarmónica’ in Oviedo; Sorbonne University in Paris, ‘Auditorio Municipal’ and ‘Teatro Ensalle’ in Vigo; ‘Teatro Principal’ in Ourense; ‘Teatro Pradillo’, and ‘Teatro del Arte’ in Madrid; ‘Teatre Tantarantana’ in Barcelona; ‘Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Las Cigarreras’ in Alicante; ‘Museo Barjola’ in Gijón; ‘MIHL-Museo de la Historia Interactivo’ in Lugo; ‘Centro Cal LʼEstruch’ in Sabadell… between many other theatres and art centres.

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