Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

Premier. February 2013 in FETEN (Gijón)

DESCRIPTION Contemporary Dance Performance

DURATION Approximately 55 minutes

AUDIENCE For families, children 5 years and older





In the life of every child there is a stage that is lled with insecurities and doubts that are generated by dierent situations or social
positions in which we have to live, the family, surroundings, economic factors, society, education….Each child confronts their challenges or problems with the recourses that he or she has developed throughout their short life and this will inuence us forever. What are the confusions that impede us from seeing beyond this, how could we suffer less and be more like this nature that we form part of that adapts and reinvents itself without creating traumas.

The development of this stage of childhood with its obstacles and triumphs and the evolution bound to nature as a window in which we should look at ourselves is the starting point of this performance. To grow as water grows and to leave behind without diculties the obstacles of the scenery. Would be very simple…

“The wind and the water have brought me here. From the shore the trees saw how the sea got closer, but they didn’t do anything, they only made noise.”

Three characters with very dierent yet identiable traits and themselves immersed in a great change in their lifestyles and surroundings. Today nothing will be like yesterday, everything has changed, nature has declared itself and what was their lifestyle has disappeared, and now they must survive and it will be best to do it together. is will be their New Garden and it is in the air.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/02/2013 / Available

Director. Omar Meza
Theatrical director. Rosa Díaz
Playwright. Margarita Sánchez
Dancers. Rosa Mª Herrador, Iván Montardit y Marie Klimesova
Choreography and Movement gestural.Eulalia Ayguade, Omar Meza y Da.Te Danza
Original Music. David Campodarve
Audiovisual Setting. Yutaka Takei
Wardrobe design and creation. Farah Hasanat
Light Design. Ernesto Monza
Set Design. Da.Te Danza
Executive Producer. Laura Campoy
Audiovisual Production. Lansa Producciones
Photography. Juan Antonio Cárdenas Martín
Communication & Networking. Sandra Pertíñez