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Japiverdy¡¡ situate dance inside a theatral context, sometimes in a narrative way and sometimes in a poetic one. Expressing thoughts of internal words never said, through body language or using words (with subtitles) and movement to tell the story.

There are four specials birthdays, the beginning of the end of the contractual relationship between the couple.

This performance was touring through South America and Spain.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 29/04/2017 / Available

Idea And Direction: Raquel Madrid
Performers and Choreography: Cipri López / Raquel Madrid
Assistant: Rita Andrades
Text : Jose F. Ortuño, Régulo José Santos
Fhoto: Arturo Parrilla; Antonio Santos
Vídeo: Diego Cousido
Lights: Diego Cousido, Toni Gutierrez
Sound: Toni Gutierrez, Santi Martinez.
Costumes: Lucía Vázquez Madrid, Cipri López.
Scenery: Dos Proposiciones / Talleres Vega
Production: Dos Proposiciones, Agencia andaluza de Instituciones culturales (Andalusian Goverment)