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“Haablk!” means ‘see you’ in a dialect of Arabic.

This performance came into being as a result of an invitation to Dani Panullo by the Casa Árabe [Arabian House] in Madrid. They wanted him to present the artistic facets of the young magrebi descendants to the public at the International Dance Festival of Madrid. These second generation Spaniards, brought up in Spain, have shaped their artistic expressions straddling two cultures that may be similar in many ways, yet are separated by prejudice.

In “Haablk!” the poetic talent of the dancers, both in Spanish and Arabic, is joined with the moves coming from urban dance, now universal to all the B-boys, to constitute the new lingua franca for the youth.

The performance is of medium size and fair cost and has been well received by both critics and audience. “A scenic experience, full of evocation, which sprinkles the global touches particular to the most evolved breakdance with its own touch. The sensorial and rhythmical charge of sensuality and expressiveness gives it a distinct mark of its own, an outline of a new style that distinguishes them most favourably. Their clean, elastic bodies, trained and receptive, create sculpture-like figures on stage. (Roger Salas – El País 21/11/2014).


Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 10/11/2014 / Available

Artistic director & choreography: Dani Pannullo
DJ & Sound: Toni Rox
– Hamza El Hilali
– Hamza El Karroumi
– Oussama Chaikh
– Sufian Ben Yacoub
– Yassir Doutroi Ouatmane

Production: Danzas del Mundo SL
Patron: Casa Árabe
Sponsor: Adidas
With the support of Compañía Nacional de Danza (CND)
Premiered at Festival Madrid en Danza (Noviembre 2014)