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Contemporary Dance piece that brings together two countries, Costa Rica and Spain, with the main objective of creating a proposal that speaks of gender, inter-generation, from the point of view of movement, taking as a starting point the expression Cualquier día fue ayer and through the bodies of two performers Andrea Catania (Costa Rica) and Roberto Torres (Spain) to promote contemporary creation, favor, enrich and create synergies between the cultures of both participating countries and thus be able to contribute to consolidate the cultural fabric of the performing arts and contemporary dance in particular.

Cualquier día fue ayer (Any day was yesterday) is a phrase that my mother always said, or was it yours? It was my father. No, it was a theatre show in which my father acted. If I remember correctly, it was my ballet teacher. No, it was my brother who repeated it endlessly, when we went fishing together. I think I read it in a book or saw it savagely engraved with a pencil on a bus seat in Lisbon….

History does not “belong” but repeats itself, is shared and is destined to do so in every imaginable case. The multitude of possibilities is not infinite. Whether we like it or not, some mistakes of the past will be repeated, but we also have the certainty that things will get better if we do not stop. Moving, moving consciously is the future, the present and the past. The context is not foreign to the body. We are the context of our experience.

Cualquier día fue ayer is a proverb, a memory, a doubt, a promise, a certainty. We live in uncertain times, volatile times, virtual times, times that repeat themselves in an increasingly closed loop. We firmly believe that researching about the basic elements that build an identity and an individual temporality is a conscious and relevant stance, in the struggle to acquire the necessary tools for shared survival.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 10/09/2021 / Available

Performers: Andrea Catania and Roberto Torres
Choreography: Andrea Catania and Roberto Torres
Direction and dramaturgy: Alex Catona
Costume design: Ana Sanfiel
Lighting design: Alfredo Díez
Original soundtrack: Alex Catona
Production: Marliuz Borges
Co-producer: Companies Nómada and Andrea Catanialasafueras
Sponsor: Government of the Canary Islands