Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

PREMIER  on 27 June of 2014 in Festival de Música y Danza de Granada

Contemporary dance show / Theatre

FORMAT  small/medium

DURATION 45 minutes

AUDIENCE suitable for all ages, children from 2 years of age


Best dance early childhood FETEN 2015 

Best Male performer FETEN 2015


The text and playwriting which are the thread of this work consider different issues such as the personal growth of children and the search for the identity in their view for the future. Cuál es mi nombre…? Is an open-ended question which leads to many other questions and provides a huge number of answers.

We came into the world under a particular name in a particular place and with a defined family and environment. However, we did not choose any of these features. It is our initial manuscript. From then, the course of our life and what is to be written in that manuscript, with no experience yet will be defined.

Topics such as identity, self-assurance , and the importance of accepting ourselves as we are , are some of the topics covered in this show. NO MATTER HOW YOU CALL enters our show and have a good time !!


Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 27/06/2014 / Available

CIA Da.Te Danza
Direccion: Omar Meza
Theatral direction: Rosa Díaz
Dancers: Ivan Montardit, Greta Jonsson bailarines
Gestual dance desing: Omar Meza, Da.Te Danza
Illumination´s desing: Ernesto Monza
Costumes´s desing: Laura León
Scenography: Luciano Illanes
Executive producer: Laura Campoy
Video: Lansa Produccion
Photography: Juan R. Cárdenas
Comunication and networking: Sandra Pertíñez