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Compañía Teresa Navarrete

The Teresa Navarrete Company is a colective wich, on the basis of movement, is doing research into finding new ways of communication through similar typed artistic expressions. At the heart of this team stand three creators originating from different stage disciplines. Teresa Navarrete, choreogroher and dancer, Nando Pérez, physical actor, and Miguel Marín, musician and composer, all work together following shared parameters of research, creation, teaching and stage exhibition. Since the beginning, although the activities of the three creators have alwayss had certain aesthetic and conceptual characteristics in common, they have never been afraid of exploring new fields and methods, whether jointly or alone.

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  • Manager Fernando Pérez
  • E-mail
  • Mobile phone 607993766
  • Phone 607993766
  • State Sevilla
  • City Sevilla
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