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Ibérica de Danza was created in 1993 by Manuel Segovia and Violeta Ruiz del Valle. It distinguishes itself through its research, defence, and recreation of the extensive and rich Spanish heritage. Resident company in the municipality of Las Rozas, Madrid, since the year 2001.

Neo-folk, stylised dance, the bolero school, historical dance and flamenco constitute the foundation of more than twenty productions premiered so far, presented in forty different countries receiving absolute success from both audience and critics alike.

Amongst the praise given for its creations, the critics have appreciated that the company carry out “work true to its origin, always progressing into an imaginative and novel terrain in which traditional dance takes a more important role than ever thought possible…”

In November 2013 they were presented in a completely sold out Fernan Gomez Theatre in Madrid with the commemorative show of its twentieth anniversary, “Iberica, 20 Years of Dance”, with ten dancers and ten musicians of international acclaim, amongst others Eliseo Parra, Javier Paxariño, and Fernando Egozcue.

The company has received five nominations for Max Awards 2013, and has been on tour in Spain, Holland, Mexico, China, Argentina, and Uruguay. Its latest production, the multidisciplinary, didactic and funny family show “Maimonides, a Journey without Return”, combines live puppet theatre, dance and music with scenography in mapping, in which different values are seen expressed through the wise Maimonides, the most important figure in Andalusian Judaism in particular, and in the Middle Ages in general.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture (INAEM), in collaboration with the Madrid Community and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID), the City Council of Madrid, The Cervantes Institute, and the European Union amongst other institutions, it has received different awards and represented Spain in numerous festivals of international prestige.

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