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Cía. Álvaro Frutos

 Álvaro Frutos Co. is born as a process in constant evolution, as a space to develop some interests concerning Art; a space also for sharing those interests not only with an audience but with all those people who collaborate directly in the creative proposals. This project ist “seeds” in a last “French phase” of the young creator and main performer Álvaro Frutos. Since then, he has been looking for an individualized way of expression capable of being showed in closed pieces, yet open to its organic evolution.
The Company is both a creative project and a producer and distributor for its own creations. Up to now, the Co. has premiered six pieces:
A mis viejos. (2010), Pez Muerto (2011), Jabón de manos (2012), BENGALA (2012), Mirra (2014), and El experiment ruso del sueño (2015) which have been touring around different countries in Europe (Italy, France) and South America (Argentina).
At this moment, speaking about Álvaro Frutos Co. might be very risky, but it’s definitely an extremely
exciting adventure.

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