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| c o n t r o l | a comedy of 39 blows

“That night, seconds after going to sleep, I seemed to fall through myself, a shallow heart-stopping plunge. Jarred awake, I stared into the dark, realizing I’d experienced the more or less normal muscular contraction known as the myoclonik jerk. Is this what’s like, abrupt, peremptory? Shouldn’t death, I thought, be a swan dice, graceful, white-winged and smooth, leaving the surface undisturbed?”. Don DeLillo, White Noise.

What if we have a kind of ‘spiritual’ blindness? What if I am afraid of not achieving my expectations as an individual? Am I afraid of not existing anymore? What if I am postponing that fear or event, until it becomes part of my personal unconsciousness? It is interesting to find out how this energy stays still, potential, determining and changing the location of the homeostatic constant movement, its inherent biodynamic. Is it possible to believe that I am executing my own cadaver, accelerating that organic process without realising? How to build strategies for disappearance?

c o n t r o l finds its leaks on the concept of creator, on the concept of death and transformation, and on the sensitive and immanent chaos of the movement, on how this movement embody realities; identities, in spite of its shortcomings. It turns interesting to find out and also to offer strategies for disappearance and dis-subjectivism, that may be able to embody the dedication, by tempering paradoxes, without leaving loads or attachments on the context. It is articulated as a dance solo based on the rigors of dance improvisation.

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Credits and datasheet

Premiered: 24/02/2015 / Available

dance solo, 50 minutes
creation and interpretation: javier martín
lighting design: Octavio Más
dressing: atelier manolo cremallera
scenography and sound design: javiermartín
music from pieces by: The Caretaker, Greenwood, Scarlatti, Bernhard Schültz & Reinold Frield
photographies: masako hattori, manuel castells, daniel franco & catuxa debén

production: Artibus Madrid & Museo Universidad de Navarra
annual researching residency: Teatro Rosalía de Castro, A Coruña
one-month artistic residency: Centro Danza Canal, Madrid
first performance February’15 at MUN- Museum of the University of Navarra & presentation as a work-in-progress piece at ʻMadrid en Danzaʼ international festival 2014.
IGAPA Instituto Galego de Praxe Actual

shows and venues_
_Teatro Rosalía de Castro, A Coruña, may’15
_Centro Párraga, Murcia, 30 november’15
_Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao, 12 december’15
_Teatro Principal, Santiago de Compostela, may’16