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‘BAILO … luego existo’ is a variant of Descartes’ philosophical thought and refers to a phrase,
which in turn expresses one of the fundamental principles of inclusive dance: I dance, therefore my own existence is undeniable .
This is a show of dance with a lot of philosophy, as its performers feel the concern of seeking
existence through the body and everything that surrounds them. The method towards truth
starts from a strange world, absurd, abstract, disfigured, topical, typical, popular, romantic …
until you find;

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/05/2015 / Available

Performers: José Galán/ Sara Gomez /Reyes Vergara
Choreography and direction: José Galán
Artistic adviser: Esmeralda Valderrama
Light design:: Benito Jiménez
Photography: Raquel Álvarez
Video: Jesús García
Comunication: Mercedes Vega
Production: Fernando Coronado
Distribution: Javier Ossorio