Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

In 1996 we were asked to take part in the first staging of ‘The alternative side of Flamenco’ in the Pradillo Theatre.
We couldn’t begin to imagine then that during the years to come we would encounter the support of so many people,
especially in our business where you have to move forward to survive.
The original idea was that being a group would mean the creation, interpretation and development of performances
would include contributions from everyone. This has worked well for us and has given us great satisfaction.
The past ten years have given us confidence in our work.
The original idea of working as a group has been strengthened.
The concept that each individual can and is encouraged to share their ideas works well, successes and failures shared feel more like successes and less like failures.
All of us in this company have constantly taken risks,working as a team, venturing into un-chartered territories and using individual growth to help the group.
As we said at the start there are many people who have worked with Arrieritos. They are our collaborators, people
who have given us their all. We would like the refrain to remain: WE ARE ARRIERITOS & ON OUR JOURNEY… we
We hope that for all our collaborators their encounter with us was as stimulating for them as it was for us.

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